03 August 2011

Sleepy head

I am so selipi. I want to selip. I didnt get enuff selip last night! huehaehee :S

From the title above. Sleepy head. Yeah thats me! The best thing that i love to do is sleep!

Okay, I'm done w english and business class jn. Im friggin tired. I need some rest right now but hell no me got two more classes that I need to attend -.-'

Idk why, kalau kelas business je mesti lah banyak setan setan bergayut dekat mata nih :S tapi kan bulan puasa mana ada syaitan? Then amenda yang gayut dekat mata nih? -.-' Sumpah setiap kali kelas Sir Am, mata nih macam malu malu meoww je nak pandang Sir Am. Ye lah mungkin sebab sir comel sangat? Hihihi.

Tomorrow, got business' presentation. Individual! Ohyeah, me no likey this part. Ok, so thats all for today. Get ready for my next class :S I am such a busy lady. Toodles. Loveya xx

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